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About phpList

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phpList Hosted is the online email newsletter service provided by the phpList Team.

phpList is licensed with the GNU Affero Public License (AGPL).
Copyright © 2000-2018 phpList Ltd.


  • Michiel Dethmers, phpList Ltd



Design implementation:


  • Yan Brailowsky
  • Pascal Van Hecke


The developers wish to thank the many contributors to this system, who have helped out with bug reports, suggestions, donations, feature requests, sponsoring, translations and many other contributions.

Portions of the system include
  • Common Plugin by Duncan Cameron
  • Group domains for throttling by Michiel Dethmers
  • FCKeditor plugin for phpList by Michiel Dethmers
  • Invite plugin for phpList by Michiel Dethmers
  • phpList Hosted by Michiel Dethmers, phpList Ltd
  • SMTP balancer by Michiel Dethmers